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Skateboards & Cruisers - Shop the Collection Online

Quiksilver is a brand that is well known for designing not only clothing, but also sport accessories of the best quality. Our clients are dynamic individuals, sports lovers, and like to live on the go, and we stand out for offering a wide range of products where you can find all you need to practice your favorite sport. Since our founding, we have manufactured skateboards for men, meeting the most stringent quality standards, thus assuring a steady and safe skateboard, with which you’ll be able to perform all your tricks without worrying about anything else.

Quiksilver skateboards for men; much more than child’s play

We know how passionate you are about skateboarding, and that you feel free when you ride your skateboard and can move fast. A skateboard must have certain characteristics to make this possible; such as steady wheels, and a properly shaped board. Each of our skateboards offers all that and more: we also have fun, flexible, and versatile designs so you can reflect your own personality on your board. Our cruiser skates have been designed by a team that takes the needs of the professional skaters into consideration (this is the reason why many of them have chosen to use our skateboards for their tournaments and competitions) and puts them within your reach in our adaptable line of skateboards, specially designed for men with thirst for speed and adventure.

The only problem with Quiksilver skateboards is choosing only one

Once you get to know all of our skateboards, the only problem you’ll encounter is that you will want them all. Each of our boards combines design and performance, so each time that you want to perform one of your tricks, you feel safe. Our boards are steady and our wheels support many impacts without affecting their performance, this is why we are one of the favorite brands of the professional skaters. Our range of products includes different types of skateboards: we have longboards, but we also offer mini skateboards, so you can choose the one you like the most or take both and practice with each at different times. Our skateboards for men combine quality, stability, and affordability, leaving you with nothing left to worry about, except for your own enjoyment.

Purchase your skateboard for man through our online store, and enjoy our offers and the comfort of buying from your own house

You can check all the different options for skateboards for men that we have for you from our website. Compare different sizes, board designs, type of wheels, and find the one that best suits you to be able to perform all your tricks. We know how important time is for you, so we invite you to use our website and to purchase your skate without leaving home, through a modern and secure payment system and with the peace of mind of having the Quiksilver quality assurance. In case you have any problems or doubts, our customer service staff is ready to help you solve them. Don’t think about it twice, visit our website today. We are sure you’ll love it.

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