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Beach Towels & Ponchos - Shop the Collection Online

Have you ever come out of the water and your beach towel does not dry you very well? It’s full of sand and it won’t come off? Or you just want to enjoy sunbathing and it’s too small? At Quiksilver we’ve thought of everything. We know that a beach towel is essential for enjoying the day so we’ve designed beach towels for men, with in fashionable colors and designs, because you don’t want to look like your mom lent you her towel.

A beach towel for men, your best investment

A day at the beach day isn’t complete without a few hours of relaxing under the sun. Imagine that you’re reading a book or a magazine while you’re comfortably lying on a hamama towel or a beach towel for men made of 100% cotton woven jacquard. And what happens when your beach towel is too small? There’s no room for you to invite that girl that you like so much to sit next to it. Prevent an awkward moment and prepare well before heading out to the beach, choosing a large beach towel, so you have enough room to share.

Quiksilver’s beach towel for men, the item that should never be left out of your beach bag

Quiksilver’s beach towels for men are ideal to sit on at the edge of the pool or the ocean, but we have also considered the element of practicality. Our poncho towels guarantee an excellent absorbency, and will dry you completely in a matter of minutes. If you also want a chic look, we recommend that you choose a hamama towel with a more traditional style it will make you look elegant and casual. The same thing applies our poncho towels, they are ideal to cover your body from the sun while you go for those drinks at the bar or take a stroll along the beach. Our designs are made for modern men, who enjoy looking good.

Between Quiksilver’s beach towels, hamama towels and poncho towels, the problem will be deciding

Each one of our beach accessories has been designed with your comfort in mind. We chose the most suitable fabrics for each type of garment, and we know it’s uncomfortable when a fabric brushes against and irritates your skin, especially when it comes to beach towels. That’s why, for us, quality is an essential factor, and we select not only the best type of fabric but the best weave. For us, details such as space and weight matter. Because we know that you don’t want to have to carry with bulky things and much less a damp towel. Our beach towels are fast-drying and their cotton composition prevents bad smells. In addition, they are easy to wash and don’t get discolored.

Buy your Quiksilver beach towel for men before they run out

You won’t want to make your purchases at the last moment and take the risk that your preferred design are sold out. Visit our web site today and select the beach towel that you like the best. Take your time and take advantage of our excellent customer service, and make sure that this important item isn't missing on your next vacation.

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