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Surfboard Bags & Socks

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Surfboard Bags - Surfboard Socks & Surf Travel Bags

From the back of your car to the belly of a plane bound for the unknown, Quiksilver’s selection of multi-functional surfboard bag styles are built for adventure. Offering essential protection against dings, scrapes and cuts, our range of surfboard sock styles and functional surfboard travel bag options give your most prized possession essential protection against the rough and tumble of life in the fast lane. Rip, roll and ride the road ahead with Quiksilver’s surfboard bags.

Stayaction surfboard sock styles

When your local beach break is pumping, why go anywhere else. Haul your ass in the car and wrap up your board for the ride. Forget what you were supposed to do that day, slip your shortie into a surfboard sock and hit it, quick. A versatile everyday design, the surfboard sock has been a boardsports essential since we realised a towel wrapped around the nose doesn’t stop those heartbreak cuts and scrapes that can ruin your ride. Like a hoodie for your board, Quiksilver’s selection of stretch covers and shortboard day bags are designed for those quick trips down the coast when life gets put on pause. Ideal for weekend missions out of your comfort zone and exploring new territory, our surf bag styles are suited to days when a wettie, wax and wheels are all you need. Designing a range of shortboard and longboard bags for your quiver, our range of 5’3 to 9’ shapes are a soft touch layer against naked top decks and bad car karma.

Mile high surfboard travel bag styles

Pack up and ride with Quiksilver’s collection of surf luggage. Designing surfboard covers and coffin bags for longhaul flights, our protective and breathable designs are adapted to whatever adventure you’re on. From towing out to meet Nazare to ripping up reefs in tropical paradise, our selection of snug fit double surfboard bags and triple surfboard bags offer a bomb proof shield against heavy handed airlines and your pride and joy. No one likes paying out their pocket money for a board bag that’s too big or small, that’s why we have a wide selection of surfboard bag with wheels and traditional surf bags that meet luggage requirements. Before boarding – think about the thickness, weight and capacity of each of our board bag designs to ensure they meet your needs and fit like a glove. Our heavyweight bags are recommended for long travel whilst our lightweight bags are great for road trips and will keep your board cool and ventilated. Quiksilver provides board bags for shortboards, hybrids, fish, egg and longboards - make sure to check the dimensions of your board before buying and ensure you have enough room for padding and fins.

Buy surfboard bags online at Quiksilver

Offering you a selection of surfboard bag styles for your quiver, our range of surfboard socks and travel bags are ideal for home and away. Head online today and check out all the latest shortboard and longboard bags at the Quiksilver shop and get exclusive deals, discounts and offers of shipping when you buy online – only at Quiksilver.

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