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Neoprene Accessories

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Surf Gloves & Surf Hoods

Giving you the tech to take your session to new heights, Quiksilver’s selection of wetsuit accessories are built for the world’s wild places. Dodging icebergs and suiting up in the pursuit of perfect beach breaks, Quiksilver has developed a selection of neoprene accessories that channel our pan-global search for the best barrels. Testing our survival skills in bone-chilling salt water where mere mortals dare venture, our pro-approved wetsuit gloves and surfing neoprene accessories create an essential barrier between you and sub-zero surf, offering all-year-round protection for the arctic adventurer.

Cold water wetsuit accessories

Getting a crash course in cold water surfing, we know what it takes to rip it in some of the most extreme swells in the world. Following wherever the tides take us, Quiksilver has created a range of wetsuit accessories that are built to battle teeth chattering coastal winds and icy duck dives north of no man’s land. Working with a creative cross section of product developers and gutsy young guns, our neoprene accessories represent the finest industry aesthetics and surfer savoir-faire to bring you faultless precision in any cold water climate. Helping to minimise flushing and numbness out in the slush, our surfing neoprene accessories are designed to keep your extremities warm and agile in the most testing environments on the planet. Looking at the science behind cold water surfing, our wetsuit gloves and wetsuit hoods are an essential part of your winter water armoury, blending ergonomic design with the very latest in neoprene innovation.

Weather resistant neoprene accessories

Tackling the lack of technology that left us on the shoreline when the temperature started to dip, we’ve got nearly 50 years of gnarly surf culture behind us and a future that’s geared to fight back against the elements. Creating solutions to the problems of cold water surfing, Quiksilver neoprene accessories provide essential heat retaining qualities that improve paddle power and traction in the surf. Designed for all climates, our range of wetsuit gloves and wetsuit hoods ease the issues of winter surfing with different thicknesses and styles to suit each swell. Making the most of those crowd-free coasts, our neoprene accessories work in unison with our fully-bonded wetsuits that can be used wherever the line up leads you. Offering essential warmth without the weight, our air-lock accessories are built to perform thanks to their lightweight and fast drying qualities that mean ice-block extremities and brain-freeze headaches are a thing of the past.

Buy wetsuit accessories online

Keeping the wash out of your wetsuit and the warmth where it should be, Quiksilver’s selection of neoprene accessories offers the finest heat retaining qualities without weighing you down. Providing a selection of surf toppers for cold water surfing around the world, we’ve developed a cross section of durable and adaptable options with endless versatility. Our wetsuit accessories are available to buy online - get ready for your next ride over at Quiksilver and check out exclusive deals, discounts and offers on super fast shipping – only when you shop neoprene surfing accessories and more online at Quiksilver.

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