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Neoprene Tops

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Men's Surf Tops - Tanks Tops & Short/Long Sleeves Tops

Developing a range of multi-purpose layers built with precision, Quiksilver’s collection of surf tops are designed for streamlined sliding when water, wood and wave become one. Inspired by the cold water pioneers and pointbreak badasses that once challenged surfing’s status quo, our selection of wetsuit top styles are woven in lessons learned from legends – creating a selection of long sleeve and short sleeve paddle classics, re-spun with the finest innovative materials and techniques. Protecting and preventing against sun, surf and salt water war wounds, our mens wetsuit top options offer endless versatility and paddle power – wherever the ebb of the tide pulls you.

Instant paddle power – wetsuit top styles

Born at the beach and bred in the surf, Quiksilver symbolises a community of international surfers that live for the high. Creating a selection of climate-controlled surf vests and wetsuit tops for men, our summer tank top styles and surf tops offer essential protection against harmful U.V rays, chaffing and sun burn. Designed as a light layer to pair with summer boardies, our sun-bleached separates build a barrier against the board and barrels, providing rash-free riding all day long. Beasting the best breaks on the shoreline, our selection of printed, hooded and tonal mens wetsuit top styles are cut from the lightest lycra with durable design features to ensure endless wearability and manoeuvrability from the first paddle out to the last. Stoked on rollers and rays, our Australian surf heritage and first-hand surf experience gives us essential insight into the long term effects of sun damage. Working to create feather light SPF layers, our surf tops are an essential shield for all day ripping and riding that keeps the sun off your back and the wax off your chest.

Cold water surf tops

Riding the high since 1969, Quiksilver brings the best surfing equipment to leaders of the line up from across the globe. Competing in some of the toughest surf in the world, our pro posse have tried and tested our lightweight and versatile surf tops to ensure that they can handle the challenges of professional and endurance surfing. Unravelling the tech behind cold water surfing, Quiksilver has created a range of neoprene top styles that build a barrier between dropping temps and skin. Designed for those zinc sundowner days and autumn chills, our mens neoprene tops are built for cruising in total comfort. Ideal for howling on-shore winds and post-summer sessions, Quiksilver surf tops help increase circulation and core body temperature whilst reflecting wind and waves thanks to their anatomical and fast drying capabilities.

Buy Quiksilver mens wetsuit top options online

Keeping you high and dry from the first duck dive to the last - head over to the Quiksilver store for the latest product tech and surfing innovation, straight from our design floor to your door. Adapted to the changing tides and seasons, our long sleeve and short sleeve designs have been perfected for performance – offering improved paddle power and freedom of movement. Available to buy online, check out the latest wetsuit top styles suited to temperate and cold water surfing. Shop online today and get exclusive deals, discounts and offers on super fast shipping.

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