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Kids Sunglasses - Our Collection For Boys

If you are already familiar with Quiksilver products, you may know that they are distinguished for being at the forefront of the fashion trends, apart from their excellent quality. It is very important for us that all family members have the necessary elements to have healthy fun, to spend a couple of days out of town, or simply to take walks to the park. In this regard, we have developed a product line devoted to sunglasses for the whole family, and the sunglasses for kids have not been left behind. We know that, nowadays, it is important to protect your eyes from the UV rays, and we have designed a product line of sunglasses for kids that is resistant and easy to carry off that will make them feel trendy and will give you peace of mind, knowing that their eyes are well cared for.

Sunglasses for kids: it’s more than a trend, it’s for their protection

Quiksilver’s sunglasses for kids are made of resistant materials to avoid accidents. They come with a handmade acetate frame, and the lenses have a five layer cover to ensure maximum protection. The polarized sunglasses are a great option to reduce sunshine and allow a better visibility, which also reduces risks in other kind of accidents. And, since we know that one can sometimes be careless, we have included flexible hinges that don’t break with rough handling. Those who are aesthetically hard to please, can choose the polarised sunglasses, or square sunglasses for kids; if you’re looking for extra protection, you can go for the kid’s sports sunglasses. On top of this, our sunglasses for kids come with a one-year warranty.

If you’re looking for resistant and durable, go with Quiksilver’s sunglasses for kids

Our sunglasses can be fitted with corrective lenses, so you’ll be able to wear them at all times without sacrificing your visibility. They come with exclusive Zeiss lenses, the leading company in the manufacture of corrective lenses for different uses (you may have seen them in cameras or sunglasses for adults). Thanks to their impact-resistant material, by purchasing them you do a favor to your economy, since it will no longer be necessary to replace them all the time. We have round classes and square sunglasses, so the kids can choose the ones they like the most. Additionally, our whole range of products offers 100% UV protection.

Wait no more, buy your Quiksilver sunglasses for kids

You can choose from rectangular sunglasses or uv sunglasses; or you might want to choose the simpler versions: the problem with our product range is that you will want them all. Best of all, you’ll be able to find all models in our website, besides being able to compare materials and styles. Through our online store, you will be able to buy one or more pairs of sunglasses for kids in our easy-to-navigate interface. On the other side, we want to ensure your peace of mind, and we offer a payment system 100% safe, along with a devoted customer service staff that is ready to answer all your questions or to solve any problem that may arise. So, no more excuses, protect the vision of your little ones and have your sunglasses delivered directly to your house.

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