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Kids Wetsuits - Our Surf Wetsuits for Boys

Professional surfers worldwide choose wetsuits from Quiksilver. We are one of the pioneer brands in developing surf clothing and, from the beginning, we have strived create clothes that naturally adjust to the body, and use only high quality materials that have been tested for resistance and comfort. We are also in contact evolution, and our research team helps us create highly innovative and trendy designs, that are preferred by surfers everywhere. For all young surf lovers, the good news is that Quiksilver now creates wetsuits for kids, so they can also profit from a brand that has proven to be the best for their preferred sport.

Choosing the best wetsuit for kids is not at easy task, but at Quiksilver we have one that fits your needs.

Our collection of boy’s wetsuits is designed for different kinds of tides and water temperatures. Our front zip, back zip and chest zip formats are ideal for kids in different sizes and from different ages, and we also offer a wide range of thicknesses to offer the maximum protection in case of extreme water temperatures. Choose from 2 millimeter, 3 millimeter, 4 millimeter or even 5 milliliters depending on if you are looking for winter wetsuits or summer wetsuits. . Our exclusive Thermal Smoothie neoprene creates an isolating layer that protects you from wind and water, while remaining flexible. Our kid’s wetsuits adapt to your body without being too tight, so you have all the freedom you need in order to surf and swim comfortably.

Comfort, mobility and design: only with Quiksilver’s wetsuits for kids.

A perfect wetsuit must combine several characteristics: it must be flexible enough, but fit the body in order to avoid water infiltrations. It should also dry fast, not only because of temperature issues but also because excess water in the suit adds unnecessary weight that does not allow you to move at ease. We at Quiksilver have taken all these into account, and our wetsuits are perfect for kids who want to practice sports without unnecessary health risks. Our years of experience have helped us to develop the most resistant seams, and additional protection in the knee areas. Try our shorty wetsuits, or choose from long and short sleeves. We are sure that, within our collection, you will find an option that is perfect for you.

Shop for wetsuits online and have them ready for your next surfing trip

Our official online shop has our entire kid’s wetsuit collection, and you can check technical specifications and characteristics while also comparing size and design. We have carefully developed a site in which you can find everything you need in order to practice surf. Our expert customer support team is ready to assist you if you find any issues or if you need someone to give you advice on what’s best for your situation. We guarantee the safety of your personal information, and our payment gateway is easy to use and fast. So do not wait any longer, buy your wetsuit today, and receive at your doorstep within a short few days.

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