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Snow - Latest Snowboard Clothing & Gear

Staying high since 1969, Quiksilver has been shaking up the snowboard scene since we first swapped boardshorts for snowboards and hit the world’s tallest peaks. Kicking ass and taking names on our way to the top, we were shredding the backcountry and starting snowboarding trends before riding turned pro! Supporting the first wave of snowboard riders, our mens apparel and hardware celebrate the lifestyle we created around the sports we love, turning talented riders into legends and snowboard style on its head.

Ahead of the trends since '69

We’ve come a long way since our first carving mission in the backcountry and we’ve been kick starting snowboard trends ever since. Some of the first riders to swap the beach for peaks, our ride or die lifestyle has translated into a range of products that put our passion for snowboard style at the forefront of innovation. Working hard to bridge the gap between fashion and functionality, our sick peak to park apparel is inspired by the way you ride, creating killer carving gear for the tireless powder chaser.

Tested by the best

We’ve built our brand around a close-knit community of ride or die pro sliders that inspire us to push the limits of all-terrain snowboarding. Working their way across the world’s highest peak in search of that alpine rush, our gear is made to move with them – dodging avalanches and riding hard when it matters most. Tried and tested in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, our pro-approved mens outerwear offers streamlined protection against the elements. Working in collaboration with snowboard’s best athletes, Quiksilver has become the standard bearer for fit, feel and park style - incorporating our coastline cool with serious mountain functionality.

Nothing but the best snowboard gear

Made by snowboarders for snowboarders, Quiksilver works alongside an ever evolving cross section of pro riders, tech specialists and in-house designers to give you the best threads on the mountain. Outfitting everyday athletes and professional powder chasers alike, Quiksilver is king of the hill when it comes to kitting you out with the latest mens snowboarding gear. Designing a range of seasonal snow clothes for the action obsessed and style savvy snowboarder, our mens snowboard jackets, mens snowboard pants, multi-functional thermal layers and snowboarding accessories look to the science behind the sport you love, creating essential connections between sick snowboard style and life-saving product development.

Get involved with our snowboard events

Revolutionising the snowboard scene with our hang ten Aussie style and a growing team of pros, Quiksilver is proud to support the snowboarding industry from the inside out. Creating a range of seasonal snowboard events to showcase upcoming talent and celebrate riding veterans, our powder chasers may be spread far and wide, but every winter we come together at some of the best locations in the world to hunt down a next generation of hungry young guns and radical riders, come and join us this winter and get in on the action – loud and live across the world and online, only at Quiksilver.

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